Special Olympics


There is great satisfaction helping with a cause such as Special Olympics.

Special Olympics is a wonderful program throughout the United States, and here in Florida. 

Special Olympics is a program with great benefits.

Special Olympics began in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. Eunice Kennedy Shriver helped create Special Olympics. She organized events for people with intellectual disabilities, and she served on President Kennedy’s panel on people with intellectual disabilities. She organized the first international Special Olympics games at Soldier Field in Chicago. 

Today, Special Olympics is worldwide. There are over 90,000 competitions across the globe, providing athletic and educational chances for many people. Volunteers are always needed and welcome. And donations always help.

I helped with Special Olympics while in the military.

During my time in the Navy, our command decided to help the local Special Olympics. It was one the best experiences to serve as a volunteer. We helped many athletes with organizing activities, running the games, and encouraging our athletes. It’s an amazing and worthwhile program, and the athletes were simply awesome. They worked hard, competed with passion, and enjoyed being in the spotlight. 

Special Olympic events can found throughout Florida. This includes events in Alachua County and Marion County. In Alachua County, there are ten sports for athletes. They include, among other things — swimming, bowling, flag football, golf, tennis, and power-lifting. There is also equestrian. Marion County offers 14 different sports, with over 600 athletes competing. Additional sports in the Ocala area include cheerleading, softball, and cycling. 

There is great satisfaction helping with a cause such as Special Olympics. You get to know the athletes. They are full of life and waiting to show their talent. You have a chance to meet other volunteers, and make new friends. And you have a chance to help with something special. I have never forgotten the joy shown by our athletes. We gave them a chance to compete and be in the spotlight. And in return, they inspired us.