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Parenting Plans & Child Support

Florida Law Has Detailed Parenting Plans.

Child custody matters in Florida are now fashioned into parenting plans, which outline the time each parent has with his or her children. These parenting plans are very detailed, and paying attention to those details is very important. For example, parenting plans often require that one parent be designated for school zones.

How children will be transported, and how the parents will communicate, needs to be addressed. Disputes over children are usually the by-product of poor communication between the parents. So identifying how the parents will communicate, and how often, may help avoid future litigation.

Florida Child Support Calculations

The same detail is needed with child support calculations. Florida follows a child support guideline which includes in the calculation certain expenses, such as daycare and health insurance. The number of overnights each parent has the children impacts his or her child support. So does claiming the child on his or her taxes as a dependent. Attention needs to be placed on all of these aspects to properly calculate child support.

We have also handled many paternity law cases over the years.

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