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Family Law Practice Areas

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A good family law attorney wears many hats.

He or she is an advocate in court of course – but also a counselor, a coach, and a sounding board for advice. Family law, by its definition, requires dedicated lawyers who are willing to help families. Often this involves helping people think through the outcome of a divorce, and ways to settle it with the least disruption.

Jonathan P. Culver Law Firm is committed to helping you face your family legal matters head on with compassionate, straightforward advice and experienced legal representation. We are a results oriented law firm and handle all types of family law matters.

We provide attentive, full service representation for all aspects of family law, including the practice areas below:

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We can help with the following family law matters:

Child Custody Proceedings

And the exact way people will share time with their kids.

Child Custody by Extended Families

This usually means the parent cannot care for the child, or has abandoned the child. 

Child Support Proceedings and Parenting Plans

Much detail goes into parenting plans, but it provides a better framework for parents. The more specific you are, the less likely you will have to re-litigate issues.

Child Dependency Cases

If a child is taken from her parents, there are strict deadlines related to court access.

Divorce, Military divorces, Alimony, and Equitable Asset Distribution

We represent men and woman throughout the divorce process, including military divorce issues.

Emergency Motions or Orders

Parties can seek emergency orders in a variety of situations. A parent may have been arrested for drug abuse or domestic violence.

Mediation and Collaborative Law Proceedings.

(What if you're not ready for a divorce and your spouse is?) Trials are expensive, and you never know how a judge is going to rule. It’s better to control your own case rather than have some stranger do it for you.

Family Law Modifications

Persons seek to modify the Final Judgment for a variety of reasons.

Guardian Advocate Proceedings

One must file a petition and show that the ward cannot make decisions necessary to care for his or herself.

Juvenile Dependency Cases

These cases generally arise when the State has to intervene with a family.

Stepparent and Grandparent Child Adoptions

Adoptions are a very rewarding part of our practice, and we would like to share with you our talent, knowledge, and experience.

Prenuptial Agreements

These are especially common in second marriages, where the husband or wife have children from a prior marriage.

Probate proceedings and estate planning

Navigating probate court is not easy. In Florida, every personal representative must be represented by a licensed attorney. We can help you meet the many requirements to successfully handle a probate case.

Temporary Custody by Extended Family

We see and handle many cases which involve temporary custody. Often, they start with the parent’s consent.

Wills and Trusts

Florida law is stringent on how wills are to be executed. Attention needs to be kept on all aspects of estate planning. We can help.