Mediation and Collaborative Law

Mediation and Collaborative Law

You alone know your children and situation best.

Virtually every case today must go through mediation before a final hearing is set. Mediation, or collaborative law, is an informal process in which everything is kept confidential. Both parties can remain in the same room, or they can separate – or what is called “caucus” – to discuss their case with the mediator.

You can tell the mediator what information to share with the other party, and what information not to share. The mediator’s role is to help both sides come to an agreement voluntarily. When it comes to discussions about marriage dissolution, what if you're not ready for a divorce but your spouse is?

The beauty of mediation is it gives people a chance to resolve it themselves, and be creative if needed.

You alone know your children and situation best. It only makes sense to find solutions yourself, rather than have someone else – a judge, magistrate, or other official – make such profound decisions affecting your life and family.

Mediation and Collaborative Law

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