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Divorce & Family Law Attorney Serving Ocala, FL Areas

Compassionate trial experience when it matters MOST.

Ocala Family Law Attorney

Jonathan P. Culver, P.A., with offices in Ocala and Gainesville, Florida is an experienced family law attorney in matters relating to divorce, custody, child support, wills, adoptions, and probate.

Divorce and family law issues can be highly emotional. So can the loss of a loved one. You need someone who will be by your side and help you understand the legal process -- someone whom you can trust.

With more than 25 years of courtroom experience, Mr. Culver will personally handle your case -- guiding you through the Florida legal process, whether it’s a family or probate matter.

Jonathan Culver Law Team in Ocala FL
Jonathan, Carlie, and Julie

We care deeply about each client.

Your case is personal to you. And it is personal to us. Having experience is important, but so is having compassion. Our law firm cares deeply about each client. We will listen and learn from you. We will promptly return phone calls and emails. We will treat you and your case with the respect it is due.

Most cases can be resolved through a process called mediation.

This is a confidential process designed to facilitate an open dialogue, and to settle cases. It empowers people to find solutions they may not have considered. Jonathan P. Culver, P.A., is a certified family law mediator who believes an open discussion can pave the way to resolving most disputes.

We handle all Florida family law matters, and we get it – it’s personal to you. So it’s personal to us!

If you want to attempt mediation, please contact us. We can help.

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What our clients are saying ...

Thank you Mr. Culver and Tammi for getting my deceased mother's estate deed out of her name and into her kid's names. Every step went just as you said it would for Joint Tenancy with Rights of Suvivorship. - Victoria L.

Mr. Culver and his team are very knowledgeable, professional, passionate, friendly, and prepared at all times. I would definitely recommend Mr. Culver to anyone who may be seeking legal guidance in regards to divorce, child custody matters, or family dispute matters. - Juan O.

Mr. Culver was a true professional and a big help in my recent separation and divorce. He made me feel calm and helped guide me through a difficult time in my life. I would highly recommend and would not hesitate to go back to him with any other family law situation!

Mr. Culver handled my divorce with compassion and concern. He always listened and helped me keep focused on the positive. His staff was very patient and helpful. Mr. Culver , Brandy and Tammy handled my case in a professional and timely manor. I am sincerely happy with the outcome. - Jean B.

If you’re looking for an Honest and good lawyer this is the guy. Culver and his team are good professional people and very on top of matters and when it comes to court this is the team you’re gonna want by your side. - Rachel C.

If yall need anything for family law this is your guy absolutely amazing people here and is not afraid to take on anything he personally took on a case for me that no one in the surrounding area would take and i could not thank them enough. - Austin G.