Stepparent and Grandparent Child Adoptions

Stepparent & Grandparent Adoptions

Florida law allows stepparents and grandparents to adopt children in a faster, more streamlined process than other adoptions.

Grandparents, aunts, or adult siblings who find themselves caring for a child have a way to obtain temporary custody. There are certain basic requirements. Stepparent adoption is a good option for many blended families.

A cornerstone of every Florida child adoption is whether the consent of the parent(s) is either voluntary, or if they will not consent – whether the parent(s) have abandoned the children. Trials in these matters are emotional, and the burden of proof is high. Jonathan P. Culver, P.A. has tried many of these cases, and can guide you the process.

Our book shelf has photos of several adoptions, given to us by the new parents!

Adoptions are a very rewarding part of our practice

Adoptions are a very rewarding part of our practice, and we would like to share with you our talent, knowledge, and experience.