Parenting Time


Parenting time is the single largest issue when two people with children get a divorce. There is no way around it.  You have to determine how you will share children, and its not always easy.

Parenting Time is the single most important item when you have children. 

In Florida, parents find themselves suddenly talking about parenting plans, and shared parental responsibility. Parenting plans are detailed arrangements which outline how parents will share time with their kids.  It also outlines how parents will determine school districts, decide on extra-curricular activities, and share in making other decisions which affect their kids. Many other details are also part of a parenting plan. This includes how the parents communicate, when parents will meet to exchange their children, and how the parents will communicate with the kids. 

In 2023, the Florida Legislature passed a new law which creates a presumption that equal time-sharing is best for children. This presumption can be overcome based on a number of factors. A primarily item is whether the parents are promoting a relationship with the other parent. It’s important to promote contact and a relationship with the other parent, even if the parents are not getting along. Parents always say that they love their kids. Courts look to see if parents act in a way which shows that love. 

Other things courts do consider are common sense items. 

This includes work schedules, distance between the parent’s homes, and any special needs of a child.  Substance abuse and domestic violence are also important.  Courts must look at the entire situation to determine what is best for a child. In addition, Florida law encourages both parents to have a say in his or her children’s education and medical care.  This is called shared parental responsibility, and parents should consult each other on major decisions.  Parents should also have liberal contact with their kids, and Florida supports this. 

Navigating a divorce is not easy. However, Florida law provides a way for parents to resolve a problem without blaming each other. We encourage parents who are navigating a divorce to put their kids first, and do what’s right when possible.