Estate Planning Now Can Prevent Mishaps Later

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Many people put off their Estate planning, and it’s often a mistake. It’s an easy point – prior planning will prevent mishaps later. Do you need a will, or is a trust a better option? Do you need to transfer assets now, or is it better to wait? Answering these questions now will prevent headaches … Read more

Wills and their Importance

Wills are an important part of everyone’s planning.   They are easy to prepare. And they are simple to revise. Once made, you have outlined how your assets should be distributed. But without one, you may be leaving it to chance. Florida, like all States, has something called “intestacy” laws. These laws outline how assets are … Read more

Wills versus Trusts — A Primer

Summary Probates Offer a Much Faster Alternative

Many people come to our office with questions about whether they should have a will versus a trust. It’s important to know the distinctions between them. The biggest difference is based on when they take effect: wills do not become effective until the person who wrote the will (commonly called the testator) has passed away. … Read more