Estate Planning Now Can Prevent Mishaps Later

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Many people put off their Estate planning, and it’s often a mistake. It’s an easy point – prior planning will prevent mishaps later. Do you need a will, or is a trust a better option? Do you need to transfer assets now, or is it better to wait? Answering these questions now will prevent headaches … Read more

Revocable Trusts

How can revokable trust save you money?

Revocable Trusts are a great estate planning tool. Unlike wills, revocable trusts do not require probate court to transfer assets after a loved one passes away. Instead, assets can be held by that person and transfer without a court order. This includes land, retirement accounts, and bank accounts. It also includes household goods. For example, … Read more

Homestead Protection in Florida

Homestead Protection is a fundamental part of most probate cases. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase: “Your house is your castle”. Well in Florida, that’s true. There is broad protection for homes, and that protection passes on to your heirs. At the top are surviving spouses and minor children. For them, there are certain types … Read more

Summary Probates Offer a Much Faster Alternative

Summary Probates Offer a Much Faster Alternative

Summary Probate is a quicker format for those with small estates. Probate cases are used after a person has passed away. There are two basic types of probate cases in Florida – Summary and Formal. Formal probate cases involve estates which have more than $75,000.00 in assets, and are a bit more complex. A personal … Read more

Vote Election Day! What’s Important in Florida

Election Day is just around the corner, so make sure to vote! This year, it will be on November 8th, but polls in North Central Florida are already open. Bloggers, social media and the news media give us daily information about the presidential candidates. But there are also many state and local elections which are … Read more

Wills and their Importance

Wills are an important part of everyone’s planning.   They are easy to prepare. And they are simple to revise. Once made, you have outlined how your assets should be distributed. But without one, you may be leaving it to chance. Florida, like all States, has something called “intestacy” laws. These laws outline how assets are … Read more

Estate & Trust Planning

There are different types of trusts, and each serves a unique purpose. It's important to know the differences.

Estate & Trust planning is an important thing to consider. There are different types of trusts, and each serves a unique purpose. It’s important to know the differences.     The most commonly used trust in estate & trust planning is a Revocable Trust.  This type allows a person to create a trust, with the … Read more

Summary Probates

Summary probates are used in several circumstances.

Having a loved one pass away is hard. Having to handle his or her affairs makes it much more difficult. Here in Florida, there are two basic types of probates, and it is good to know the differences between the two. The easiest type and the one we use most often are summary probates. Summary probates are … Read more

Estate Planning for the New Year

It's officially a new year, and that's a good time to do some estate planning.

It’s officially a new year, and that’s a good time to do some estate planning. Consider it part of your early Spring cleaning. However, instead of cleaning out the old closets, you’re cleaning up what happens when you pass away. If you already have a will, start by making sure you know where it is … Read more

Estate Planning — It’s your Future

Family disputes regarding the estate of a family member occur often here in Florida. Siblings may disagree, or a surviving spouse may be at odds with the children of the decedent. It’s best to think ahead and plan for these events. Estate Planning is for Your Loved Ones In this age of blended families, it’s important … Read more