Time-Sharing and Florida Law

Time-Sharing and Florida Law

Many people consult with us about time-sharing here in the State of Florida. It’s very different than how other States address this, especially with the wording. The Florida Legislature abolished words as “custody” and “primary residential parent” in 2008. Instead, we use words such as time-sharing and parenting plans. The reason is simple – it … Read more

Administrative Child Support in Florida: How Does It Work?

The timelines for an Administrative Child Support case are quick!

We have a little known system called Administrative Child Support in Florida. You need to know how this system works. It all starts with many people receiving a Notice of Commencement. If you receive a Notice of Administrative Child Support, then you have 20 days in which to notify the Department of Revenue that you … Read more

Florida Relocation and Child Custody Considerations

Looking to move? We’re a mobile society. People get new jobs and life changes. And often part of that is a need to relocate to another town or State.   But what does it take? And what does the law say? If you’re thinking of moving, it’s important to know what is required. Years ago, … Read more