Divorce and its Impact on Children

Divorce and its impact on Children

Each child is unique, and has a natural desire to please his or her parents. Many of us do our best to raise our kids, but there’s no easy route when a child is caught in the middle of a divorce. For them, this is a life changing event. It turns their world upside down.   … Read more

Should your child testify??

Should your child be a witness during litigation?

One of the harder parts of any custody case is deciding to have a child testify in a family law case. Sometimes, a child may be the best, if not only, witness to certain events. And the statute on parenting time includes, as one of its criteria, the reasonable preferences of the child, if the … Read more

Father’s Day — a special day for many of us

Father's Day -- a special day for many of us

As we celebrate Father’s Day this June 21st, I’d like to remind all dads of the special role they play in their children’s lives. It took two people to conceive the child; and it takes two people to raise the child. Children thrive the most when both parents are involved, and our statutes reflect this … Read more