Alimony Reform has come to Florida.

Alimony reform has come to Florida.

On June 30, 2023, Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law significant changes to Florida’s alimony law. The bill eliminates permanent alimony, and sets new standards for what is considered a long-term marriage. It also changes what courts call durational alimony. The alimony reform bill also makes it easier to change an existing parenting plan. The … Read more

Modification is Useful with Parenting Time and Child Support

When can you seek a modification of your final judgment? This question comes up during a series of different issues. Modification means changing your final judgment, but that’s not easy. There are a few select areas where courts allow a Modification. It’s important to know when you can seek it, especially before you finish an … Read more

Blended Families Face Challenges but it’s Worth the Effort

For many grandparents and stepparents in Florida, adoptions make the family whole.

Many blended families exist today. More than ever, people are getting divorced. They often remarry and bring together their children. Often the new couple may have two households, or live in different towns. They face many challenges when trying to put their family together. When blending such a family, it’s important to know where the … Read more

Family Law Modifications – Preparation is the Key to Success

Summer Parenting time is soon upon us.   It's the one time many parents change the parenting schedule.

Many customers have come to us lately with modifications being sought in his or her family law case. Persons seek to modify the Final Judgment for a variety of reasons.  New jobs are offered in different cities or states. People remarry and need to move away. Someone who is paying child support may lose his … Read more

Florida Relocation and Child Custody Considerations

Looking to move? We’re a mobile society. People get new jobs and life changes. And often part of that is a need to relocate to another town or State.   But what does it take? And what does the law say? If you’re thinking of moving, it’s important to know what is required. Years ago, … Read more

Modifications in Family Law Cases

Life changes, and that’s why people often end up seeking modifications to their family law case. So where do you start? The first step is determining why you seek the change. Modifications in family law cases are common, but can be tough to prove. Generally, courts cannot change a final judgment once it is entered. … Read more

Modifications in Family Law

The only constant in life is change. Hence the law allows modifications. People lose and gain jobs. Kids grow older and gain additional expenses. People remarry and form blended families.  There are simple modifications, like trying a new school for your kids.  Or it may be a complex change, like seeking to relocate across the … Read more