Blended Families Face Challenges but it’s Worth the Effort

For many grandparents and stepparents in Florida, adoptions make the family whole.

Many blended families exist today. More than ever, people are getting divorced. They often remarry and bring together their children. Often the new couple may have two households, or live in different towns. They face many challenges when trying to put their family together. When blending such a family, it’s important to know where the … Read more

Understanding Florida Child Dependency Cases

Dependency Cases often interact with family law cases.

Dependency Cases often interact with family law cases. They are filed when parents are alleged to have abused, abandoned, or neglected their children.  Dependency cases are usually handled by the Department of Children and Families (DCF).  However, anyone with knowledge can file a dependency petition.   There are very distinct definitions. Abandoned means a parent, while … Read more

Adoption by Stepparents

Stepparent adoption is a good option for many blended families. This is especially true when the other parent is not active with the kids. We see a lot of cases in which a child was born out of wedlock, and the mother (or father) is now married. Their new significant other is highly involved with … Read more

Temporary Child Custody By Grandparents

A child’s initial memories revolve around his parents and siblings. To them, their family is their world. All too often, grandparents find themselves filling this role. The reasons for this are plenty. Maybe the parents are out of state. Or maybe the parents are using drugs or are in prison. Sometimes a parent just wants … Read more