Collaborative Divorce Law

Courts cannot order someone to attempt Collaborative Law.

The Collaborative Law Process Act is now law, and it’s a great step for families. The Florida Legislature recently passed this new law, which gives people an alternative to litigation. A rather unique approach, Collaborative Law is based on the idea that parties work strictly to resolve things without litigation. Parties must agree to participate, … Read more

Dividing Retirement Assets Can Be Tricky During Divorce

Many divorces involve dividing retirement assets. Dividing these assets can be tricky.

Many divorces involve dividing retirement assets. Dividing these assets can be tricky. Most people have either 401-K or Individual Retirement Accounts. However, dividing these can also cause problems. The biggest issue often is deciding when to evaluate the asset. Some people want to use the date the parties separated, while others use the date on … Read more

Florida Supreme Court Revises Family Law Rules

Florida Supreme Court Revised Family Law Rules

The Florida Supreme Court has recently revised the Florida Family Law Rules. These rules outline how a case proceeds, from start to finish. This includes what is required when you file a case, and how to proceed. The Family Law Rules tell all parties what financial information is needed, and when it is due. For … Read more

Blended Families Face Challenges but it’s Worth the Effort

For many grandparents and stepparents in Florida, adoptions make the family whole.

Many blended families exist today. More than ever, people are getting divorced. They often remarry and bring together their children. Often the new couple may have two households, or live in different towns. They face many challenges when trying to put their family together. When blending such a family, it’s important to know where the … Read more

How Does The Florida Relocation Statute Work?

How Does The Florida Relocation Statute Work?

Relocation is a common event for all of us. Our jobs change. We remarry or enter into new relationships. So it’s important for a custodial parents to know when they can move, and how far. America is a mobile society. We are able to connect with each other via FaceTime, Skype, and other forms of electronic … Read more

Guardianships: An Important Bridge Between Parents and Caretakers

Guardianships: An Important Bridge Between Parents and Caretakers

Guardianships are an important bridge between parents and caretakers. There are many different types of guardianships. Preneed Guardianships Preneed Guardianships are used to declare who cares for one’s children, if the parents die or become incapacitated. Our office handled of these cases recently, and I think that they are good to use. Simply put, a Preneed Guardian … Read more

Four Practical New Year’s Resolutions Helpful For All

New Year's Resolutions are fabulous, if you actually follow them.

New Year’s Resolutions are fabulous, if you actually follow them. Many people promise themselves that they will lose weight, or spend less money. Here’s four common sense tips that are helpful to all, especially anyone who is divorced or is about to divorce. First, don’t blame yourself for what happened. It takes two to create … Read more

Understanding the Role of Florida Magistrates

Understanding the Role of Florida Magistrates

The Florida court system uses Magistrates every day. However, many people do not understand their role.    Magistrates are appointed by circuit judges to handle a variety of cases. They work directly under the circuit judges, running their courtroom just like a judge. In family law cases, magistrates hear divorces, modification cases, and paternity cases. … Read more

Family Law Modifications – Preparation is the Key to Success

Summer Parenting time is soon upon us.   It's the one time many parents change the parenting schedule.

Many customers have come to us lately with modifications being sought in his or her family law case. Persons seek to modify the Final Judgment for a variety of reasons.  New jobs are offered in different cities or states. People remarry and need to move away. Someone who is paying child support may lose his … Read more

Self Determination a Hallmark of Mediation

Mediation is a great resource, and all parties should try it before marching into a courtroom. I attended the Florida Dispute Resolution Center’s annual conference recently. It was refreshing to interact with so many other mediators. Without question, we all felt that mediation is a better alternative to trial.   Why use mediation? The answer … Read more