Modification is Useful with Parenting Time and Child Support

Modification is Useful with Parenting Time and Child Support

When can you seek a modification of your final judgment? This question comes up during a series of different issues. Modification means changing your final judgment, but that’s not easy. There are a few select areas where courts allow a Modification. It’s important to know when you can seek it, especially before you finish an … Read more

America’s Birthday

This coming Thursday is America's Birthday, and it's a great thing to celebrate!

This coming Thursday is America’s Birthday, and it’s a great thing to celebrate! We have so many things in our country for which to be thankful. Freedom of speech and the press is a wonderful right that we enjoy both at the national and State level. Freedom of Religion, likewise, is protected in both the … Read more

Understanding the Role of Florida Magistrates

Understanding the Role of Florida Magistrates

The Florida court system uses Magistrates every day. However, many people do not understand their role.    Magistrates are appointed by circuit judges to handle a variety of cases. They work directly under the circuit judges, running their courtroom just like a judge. In family law cases, magistrates hear divorces, modification cases, and paternity cases. … Read more

Florida Collaborative Law

Florida is on the verge of becoming another State which has its own Collaborative Law statute.

Florida is on the verge of becoming another State which has its own Collaborative Law statute. Collaborative Law is a unique process. It involves having the parties consent to negotiating rather than litigating. A collaborative team works together. And it may include a collaborative attorney, counselors, and accountants. The process can begin at any time. … Read more

Alimony Reform Bill Passed in Florida, Now Before The Governor

Attorney's fees is an important issue in many family law cases.

The Florida Legislature passed an alimony reform bill this week which is now before the Governor. This bill substantially changes the alimony laws, and provides a presumption that children should spend approximately equal amounts of time with both parents. If signed into law, the bill will be a substantial change. It requires courts to make certain … Read more

Florida Divorce and Non-Residents

Florida Divorce and Non-Residents

Several cases we see involve divorces in which one of the parties is a non-resident. That is, the Husband and Wife lived in Florida, but moved away. In many instances, the non-resident is in the military, or works in a field in which they have to work out of state. In other cases, both parties lived here … Read more

Family Lawyers – Your Counselor and Advocate

When Do You Need a Family Lawyer? What comes to your mind when you think of family law? Many would say divorce and/or the courtroom, but that’s the tip of the iceberg. It is natural for people to identify “family lawyers” as someone who only helps individuals get a divorce. Pictures are conjured of lawyers … Read more

Divorce and its Impact on Children

Divorce and its impact on Children

Each child is unique, and has a natural desire to please his or her parents. Many of us do our best to raise our kids, but there’s no easy route when a child is caught in the middle of a divorce. For them, this is a life changing event. It turns their world upside down.   … Read more

I’m not ready for a divorce, but my spouse is….

Florida has the 8th highest divorce rate in the United States of America. All around, you hear of friends who have decided to dissolve their marriage. I’ve seen people dissolve their marriage after less than one year, and others after 40 years. Either way, it’s always a traumatic experience. No one I’ve ever met goes … Read more

Prenuptial Agreements — A necessary evil?

Prenuptial Agreements -- A necessary evil??

Before the wedding bells sound, many couples today come to our office to have a prenuptial agreement drafted. This is especially common in second marriages, where the husband or wife have children from a prior marriage. For many, it’s a necessary evil. Everyone wants to protect themselves. But who wants to talk about what happens … Read more