Probate & Estate Planning: Handling the Estate of a Loved One

Probate & Estate Planning: Handling the Estate of a Loved One

One of the most difficult challenges many people face is handling the estate of a loved one. Losing someone is hard enough.  Having to handle his or her estate should not add to that loss. There are many things people can do in advance that will speed up the transfer of that person’s assets to other family members. This includes setting up revocable trusts, and/or preparing an appropriate deed to transfer a person’s interests to family members before they pass away.

Types of Florida Probate Proceedings

For most people, a probate case will be necessary. Under Florida law, there are several different types of probate proceedings, depending on the amount of assets at stake and the length of time since the death of the person. Estates with less than $75,000.00 in assets, or cases where your loved one has passed away more than two years ago, can be handled through a Summary Probate. Most other probates will be handled as a Formal Probate. Summary probates are much quicker, and do not require the time consuming (and necessary) steps of a Formal Probate. For estates in which the person lived in a different state, an Ancillary Probate may be needed if the decedent had assets in Florida. No matter what type of probate is used, though, an attorney is required. If you or someone you know needs help with a loved one’s estate, please call us for assistance.

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