Helping after Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey has left a trail of destruction throughout Texas. The coastline is devastated from the flooding, and that area will need help for a long time.  

Here are ways you can help. First, the Red Cross is always accepting donations. You can donate anywhere from $10 to $1,000 or more online. And you can choose a one-time payment or other details right on their website. The Red Cross is known for helping provide food and shelter, but they also assist in donating blood.  There is presently a vital need for blood, as blood banks in the Texas region are very short with supplies. 

The Salvation Army is also one of many organizations which are accepting donations. The Salvation Army, of course, is helping many ways with disaster relief. They provide food, shelter, and help people find their loved ones.

Hurricane Harvey is still flooding Texas with water.

According to the National Weather Service, Hurricane Harvey has dropped more than 50 inches of rain in the area. The death toll, says the New York Times, is now 19 people. The pictures and stories of courage and cooperation are heartfelt. Immediate help is needed for people in the area, and it will take a long time to clean up and restore the area.

Most organizations are asking that you donate cash rather than providing material items. Cash does not require transportation costs, and thus allows relief organizations to focus on giving aid. Of course, volunteers are needed and blood donations will continue to be vital. Another group providing relief is the United Way. Individual parts of United Way are each helping in their respective areas.

In addition to people, many pets have been displaced or affected by Hurricane Harvey. Humane society groups in the Houston area are short of volunteers, as many of them have also been affected. These groups also need help. 

If we all pitch in, we can help stop this disaster from causing more harm. Small donations go a long way. Here in North Central Florida, we have had our share of hurricanes and disasters. We look to others for help, and now the people of Texas are doing the same.