Father’s Day — a special day for many of us


Father's Day -- a special day for many of us

As we celebrate Father’s Day this June 21st, I’d like to remind all dads of the special role they play in their children’s lives. It took two people to conceive the child; and it takes two people to raise the child.

Children thrive the most when both parents are involved, and our statutes reflect this belief. It is the public policy of Florida to promote frequent contact with both parents, and the extent to which each parent promotes a relationship with the other parent is a factor in determining a parenting plan.

Personally, I have been divorced for several years now. But the Mother of my children and I recognize the importance of working together, and promoting contact with the other parent. So what’s the best gift a father can have this Father’s Day? For me, it’s not anything given to me by friends or family members. Instead, it’s the hallway of pictures and great memories I have with my sons. It’s the phone calls or texts they send to me when they’re not at my home. It’s the special place they have in my heart, and the place I have in their heart by sharing time with them.

Dads — make sure that you do the same. There’s no price you can place on time with your children.