Divorce and the Holidays


Divorce is common in today's society, but during the Holidays people in the middle of a divorce can experience enormous stress.

As we enter the Holidays, it’s good to remember those going through a divorce. Divorce is common in today’s society, and we are used to couples who decide to make this life changing move. But during the Holidays, people in the middle of a divorce can experience enormous stress.

Every year, we have a few cases in which people have just started a divorce action as the Holidays begin.

As a result, we find ourselves handling a lot of last minute emergencies — examples include time-sharing during Christmas or Hanukkah, transportation during the Holidays, and trying to find hearing time before everyone goes on vacation. The parties are stressed out already trying to prepare for the Holidays, and now they’re doing it on his or her own. But the most vulnerable ones are the children who’s parents are getting divorced. They didn’t ask for the sudden changes in their lives. They’re just working in school and thinking of what Santa Claus will bring. 

So for those going though a divorce or about to enter one, here’s a few tips.  

Happy Holidays!  From our family to yours.
Happy Holidays! From our family to yours.

First, remember that your kids come first. Think of them and what their needs are. You may be at odds with your partner or spouse, but the kids will likely want to see both of you during the Holidays.

Second, remember that unless the other parent has a drug problem or is violent, they will likely be awarded parenting time by a court. So try to work with him or her, setting aside your differences. If you ask for the first half of Christmas this year, chances are you will get the second half next year. So think ahead some about what works best for you and the kids.

Third, if you’re starting a blended family (kids from two families), then don’t expect everyone to get along at first. It takes time for kids to adjust, especially if they’re teenagers.

Fourth, remember that the kids may enjoy time with the extended family of both parents. Nothing beats gifts from both grandmas.

At our firm, we sincerely hope that you and your family have a wonderful Holiday season. See you in 2016!