Celebrating Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is often defined by family, food and some football. All three are great traditions. But the Holidays are also a great time to give thanks by giving back.

There are many good non-profit groups which can use our help.

The American Red Cross is a long recognized group which helps our community, and our military troops. They have been there to help those in need. This includes Ocala and Gainesville, or  anywhere else in our country where there has been a disaster. The American Red Cross provides shelter, food, and basic medical help to those caught in a disaster.  And they are a long time supporter of our military.

Another worthy cause is the American Cancer Society

We all have someone who has passed away due to lung cancer, or has battled breast cancer. One of the primary goals of the American Cancer Society is facilitating research. But they also help with finding support and treatment. Next to cancer as a leading cause of death are heart attacks. The American Heart Association provides support, research, and help with victims of heart disease. They also provide nutritional information, and supports providing a healthier habits for our kids.

Thanksgiving is a time to give back!

And what better way that through The United Way. The United Way is a great organization which helps those in need in our local community. The Marion County chapter helps with daycare and education programs. It also provides healthy meals through its Meals on Wheels program, and the prescription discount card available to Marion County residents. Donations here will go directly towards helping people in the Ocala area.

Another great way to give back is to help organizations that directly benefit kids with disabilities. I used to help with Special Olympics, and there’s a tremendous feeling helping these kids shine like athletes. There is a growing group of kids who have autism, and there are excellent groups like AutismSpeaks which helps with both research and support of families with someone on the autism spectrum.

So take a minute and find a special cause… or special group. And give back to our community and nation. What a great way of giving thanks as we celebrate Thanksgiving.