It’s Back to School Time in North Central Florida


Back to School Time in North Central Florida

Marion County Florida public schools started August 17th, and schools in Alachua County’s public system start August 24th, 2015.

Information for Marion County can be found at The website includes information on things like bus schedules, the school calendar, online meal pay, and just about every other issue that comes up for parents. Similar information for Alachua County schools can be found at

Alachua County has a Parent Guide, which can be found in the “Parents and Students” section of the website. Alachua County schools have a dress code, which can be found in Page 7 and 8 of the Parent Guide. New students have a grace period, but it’s good to read and go over the basic dress code requirements.

Parent Portals Now A Mobile App

Of course, there is also the Parent Portal for both districts, which provides parents with instant access to their student’s grades, work assignments, and other information. Computers are no longer needed to access Parent Portal; you can download the App on your mobile phone or iPad. You have to contact your child’s school to setup a password. Once this is done, any parent can easily access their child’s grades, teachers, and assignments.

It’s a great way to keep up with your child, especially if you are divorced or not living with the other parent.

Consider Volunteering or be a Guest Speaker

Let’s hope that all of our students succeed this year. And don’t forget to volunteer if you have time. It’s a great way to give back to our hard working teachers. For several years, I helped 1st and 2nd grade kids with their reading when my kids were young, and I served as a guest speaker at a local elementary schools’ Veteran’s Day program.

It’s nice to give back to the teachers and staff who work so hard for our children.