Autism Awareness 2015, Parenting for a Brighter Future


Autism Awareness 2015

April is Autism Awareness month, and April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day. Many towns will be lighting up the sky — or buildings — in blue to raise awareness about Autism. For me, it’s very personal, as I have a son on the spectrum. And it’s been a challenge. For years now, we have been involved in speech therapy, occupational therapy, individual education plans, special parent teacher conferences …. you name it. We have participated in an experiment with a drug commonly used to treat Alzheimer’s patients, and we have done our best to give that child every chance we can to succeed. And we have done this — for many years — as divorced parents. We put our son first, and give him the attention he deserves. We set aside our differences, and work towards a common good. And it has better defined us as parents, and as human beings.

It’s my hope and aspiration that our son reaches his goals, and fulfills his dreams. It is also my hope that every child has the same opportunities.  When a couple gets a divorce, they do not divorce their children. Quite the contrary — their children will need the love and attention of their parents more than ever. And often the parents will need to rely on each other.

Please support Autism Awareness, and any other cause which directly helps children. They are our future. Let’s help them make it brighter.